What Causes Headaches?

Headaches are probably the most annoying ailment Americans suffer today. The popping of pills may help temporarily but, unfortunately, is only a false security and soon the headache returns.

One of the greatest dangers of recurring headaches is that they become acceptable as something to be ignored…something that will go away. But what we tend to forget is that a headache is not a disease, but a symptom and is one of the most potent warning signals of the human body. Strangely enough we ignore this cry for help which is nature’s way of telling that something is wrong. Often there are simple explanations: We may have eaten too much, drunk too much, or been irregular in our habits. The return to normal, desirable habits could stop the nagging headaches.

But if the headaches persist, it may be a warning of a more serious problem such as heart or kidney trouble, digestive disorders or high blood pressure. However, one of the most common causes of headaches is a pinched nerve caused by a misalignment of vertebrae in your neck.

If the headache occurs frequently VISIT INJURY TREATMENT SOLUTIONS IMMEDIATELY. By asking you a series of questions they can better diagnose the exact cause of your headache. Is it a neuralgic symptoms, sharp and piercing? Is it a heavy dull symptoms involving encompassing the entire head? If it’s a symptoms caused by eyestrain it will probably be centered in the eyeball and the visual area center in the back of the head. If it’s a symptoms from high blood pressure, it will probably center in the top or front of the head.

​A headache can cause tortuous, writhing symptoms. The popping of pills can relieve it temporarily but during this lull-time, the real damage is going on in some other part of the body. If your headache is caused by a pinched nerve, our doctors will be able to help you with gentle chiropractic treatment.

If you suffer from headaches, contact Injury Treatment Solutions.

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    One of the greatest dangers of recurring headaches is that they become acceptable as something to be ignored…something that will go away.

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