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Our Primary Focus is Providing Chiropractic Auto Injury Care

Injury Treatment Solutions is a comprehensive auto accident injury facility focusing in the evaluation and treatment of automobile injuries, and providing chiropractic auto injury care in Brevard County.

An auto accident creates a very stressful time for our patients dealing with such things as discomfort, loss of work, loss of sleep, loss of freedom, dealing with attorneys, insurance companies, etc. We take care of everything and focus on you getting well.
Physical Therapy and a Rehabilitative Exercise Program after a motor vehicle accident can be the focal treatment or the first important step in addressing injuries sustained. It promotes healing, restores function, improves strength/stability, and decreases discomfort for the affected areas of the body.
Injury Treatment Solution’s physical therapy department and rehabilitative exercise programs provide specialized one-on-one treatment programs tailored to help individual patients:

  • Improve mobility, strength, stability and balance.
  • Maintain or regain everyday functional activity.
  • Decrease discomfort.

Our caring and highly trained staff is experienced in working with patients involved in motor vehicle accidents, and providing chiropractic auto injury treatment.

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“Our job is to get us out of your lives as quickly as possible.”

— Dr. Mitchell Greenberg

About us


We take pride that the majority of our staff has been with us ranging from 5-10 years.

  • Chiropractors, Medical Physician and Physical Therapy
  • X-ray and Motion X-Ray On-site
  • Therapy room
  • Rehab room
  • Chiropractic Auto Injury Treatment rooms
  • All at one location
  • Open 6 days a week
  • Friendly & knowledgable staff
  • Short to no wait times
  • Located near the Melbourne Square Mall

Meet Our Doctors

  • Chiropractor

    Dr. Mitchell Greenberg, D.C.

        32 years experience

    Founder of Injury Treatment Solutions, previously on the board of the Florida Chiropractic Association and currently Ethics Chairman of the Brevard County Chiropractic Society.

  • Chiropractor

    Dr. Stuart McCranels, D.C.

       ?? years experience

    Member of the Florida Chiropractic Association and experienced in radiology and diagnostic imaging.
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Injuries Treated

Slipped Disc

Symptoms in the back or neck traveling down the legs or arms is a possible indication of disk injury. Similar to herniated disks, slipped disks are bulges in spinal disks that can press against the spinal cord leading to symptoms in your back.


Whiplash is a term applied to injuries of the neck caused when the neck is suddenly or violently jolted in one direction and then another, most commonly caused by auto accidents.

Back Injury

Lower back injuries are the single leading cause of disability worldwide. It can be caused by a variety of injuries, including those sustained from auto-accidents and sports, and can be complicated by poor posture, obesity, and stress.

Herniated / Bulged Disc

Symptoms in the back or neck traveling down the legs or arms is a possible indication of disk injury. Similar to slipped disks, herniated disks are bulges in spinal disks that can press against the spinal cord leading to symptoms in your back.


Headaches have many causes, including: food, environmental stimuli, behaviors, and physical problems. Research has shown that chiropractic manipulation is effective in relieving headache symptoms.

Head & Neck

The neck is comprised of seven individual small bones collectively known as the cervical spine. In daily life, our cervical spine sustains a variety of injuries. These may range from a small jarring slip on the sidewalk to a whiplash caused by the impact of a collision.

Hip & Leg

Hip and leg problems can cause a wide variety of symptoms. The misery caused by conditions such as lumbago, rheumatism, nerve symptoms and sciatica are well known.


It’s the chronic, recurring headaches that are dangerous and cause much concern, not the mild occasional headache.

Pinched Nerve

If you are suffering from radiating symptoms in the neck, arms, shoulders, back, legs or feet, it may well indicate pressure on the nerves as they come from the spine. The term “pinched nerve” is not a clinical term but helps to explain why the symptoms you have may be directly associated with the spine.


A persistent discomfort felt along the sciatic nerve in the lower back, buttock, and upper thigh. Some symptoms include a pins-and-needles sensation, radiating discomfort, numbness or weakness, dull aching, or a burning sensation.

Shoulder & Arm

Shoulder and arm symptoms can have a number of contributing causes, this can be due to injury to the spine curvatures, occupational stresses, or even improper posture.


Knee pain can have many different causes including sprains and tears of the ligaments such as the ACL and MCL or other causes such as arthritis, broken bones and bruising.



“This was my first accident and my first time here. My experience was wonderful and they had me at ease. The staff was helpful, informative and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Thank you!”  
Brad, Melbourne
“Great patient service, they listen to your need and no long wait time. I would recommend Injury Treatment Solutions for anyone who needs care.”  
Venus, Palm Bay
“May I first say “thank you” for a great experience with Injury Treatment Solutions. Not knowing what to expect the experience was great! I want to say thank you especially to Dr. Stelter who made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. The staff was so friendly and kind. I would recommend Injury Treatment Solutions to anyone needing treatment and have already done so.”
Carol, Palm Bay
“After years of driving race cars and many accidents, I came to Injury Treatment Solutions with what was diagnosed as a bulging/ herniated disc. In the years following, I have done other stupid things but always have been able to get treatment that has allowed me to function normally and avoid surgery.”  
Joseph, Palm Bay
“Injury Treatment Solutions is the greatest! I’ve never seen so many cheerful staff members in one place at one time! And if continues week after week! Not only are they cheerful, everyone from the doctors to staff is professional, knowledgeable, kind and helpful. They are always ready to answer any questions and they make sure their patients are comfortable and at ease. I hardly every have to wait. They are a well oiled machine of an office! They make me feel as if I am their only concern. Like I said, they are the greatest.”  
Holly, Melbourne
“The best doctors office in town! I have been coming here for 14 years and I will not change to any other doctor. Dr Greenberg, Dr. Stelter and the staff are unmatched by anyone in town.”  
Kenny, Palm Bay
“There are times in life when a person feels down and beaten. When you feel like there is no place to go in times of personal crisis. It seems everywhere you turn you get the wrong answers and they push you off to someone else. When I came to Injury Treatment Solutions as a last ditch effort, I was expecting the same type of reception. “Sorry we can’t help you, try going to ___. Maybe they can help.” Well, much to my surprise this was not the case! Dr. Greenberg told me that somehow he would keep me on my feet and that we will just get old and gray together. I have to say that even though we are getting older and grayer, he is a man of his word because I am still walking! It is people like Injury Treatment Solutions that make a difference in the world. I can never put into words the great deal of respect and admiration I have for them. The way Dr. Greenberg, Dr. Stelter, Heather and everyone else in the office get me through the week is amazing! They are “family” to me. My family and I are so grateful. Injury Treatment Solutions has been there for me at every turn and never once faltered.”  
Bob, Palm Bay

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