At Injury Treatment Solutions we use a purely musculoskeletal (involving joints and muscles) conservative method of chiropractic treatment, involving very gentle forms of manipulation to realign any misaligned vertebra. These types of injuries are typically caused by some form of trauma such as a car accident.

Unfortunately, most doctors prefer not to treat car accident patients because automobile insurance works in a unique and different way, and because of possible legal involvement with attorneys. This is why we continue to dedicate ourselves to taking care of those patients that others would rather not treat, and approximately 90% of our patients come to us after being involved in a car accident.

As with all forms of medicine, our Injury specialists in Melbourne FL take a thorough medical history to try to find the actual cause of your symptoms before any treatment is rendered. We then perform a physical examination consisting of combined orthopedic and neurologic physical testing to confirm the diagnosis or cause of your symptoms.

Once our Injury specialists have determined the cause of your symptoms, they will determine which treatment is medically necessary. If one of the causes of your symptoms is due to misalignment of your vertebra, we will include gentle and painless manipulation designed to realign your vertebra.

Our Injury specialists in Melbourne FL work as part of a team, coordinating with our medical doctor and nurse practitioner (ARNP) as well as with our physical therapy department. This allows us to bring you comprehensive treatment designed to give you as much immediate relief as possible. Most importantly, it lets us correct the cause of your symptoms while striving for a sustainable, long-term solution to your injuries.

Our goal is simple: to get us out of your life as soon as possible, and to resolve your injuries so that you no longer need us.

Every day at ITS, we promise you that nobody will care more, nobody will be more compassionate, and nobody will try harder to help get you better as quickly as possible.  Contact our chiropractors in Melbourne FL to begin your journey to recovery. To learn more about Injury Treatment Solutions and the services we offer, connect with us on Facebook.

Other Medical Services

Medical Doctor

Our on staff Medical Doctor supervises your treatment and prescribes any medication necessary.
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Physical Therapy

Our chiropractic physicians treat your injuries with gentle, painless manipulation.
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X-Rays & Motion X-Rays

X-Rays & Motion X-Rays.
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